To all discerning dog owners

Woof Dog Beer is always a welcome luxury to our four legged friends especially those with a refined palette


What says doggie culinary experience more than a artisan hand crafted beer made of the finest ingredients known to dog. Its Thirst Quenching, Satisfying & Alcohol Free


Free from artificial preservatives ensuring your four legged friends are getting nothing but the best.

Quintessentially British

Pawfront of Dog Satisfaction

For the four legged food snob, regular treats simply will not do. Woof Dog Beer is an honest brew proven to get tails wagging. Hand crafted in the UK from the finest ingredients known to dog. Brewers wort from the very best local craft brewers combined with bone stock from organically certified Aberdeen Angus beef bones makes Woof Dog Beer a first favourite.

We know it tastes amazing – the amount of licked clean bowls so far tells us that. And not a single dog has got tipsy from the delectable beverage, as it is non-alcoholic.

Brewed to Pawfection

Our dynamic duo ingredients are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals historically renowned for improving digestion, boosting the immune system  and promoting healthy skin, coat and joints.  Woof Dog Beer is quite simply liquid gold, pawfectly delectable to dogs of all shapes and sizes.

So whether a token of gratitude, genuine surprise or well-deserved indulgence, the gift of a Woof Dog Beer is always a welcome luxury to our four legged friends.  From the smallest thought to the grandest of gestures.  Uncap, lift and pour.

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"Perfect gift for Christmas" #Tatler

"You can finally share a drink with your best pal." #four&sons

Paws of Approval